Voice powered with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

About VBaaS

Voice Biometric As A Service (VBaaS) is an AI powered easy to consume service that powers your unique voice to access multitude of services.

Banking with Bot

With Artificial Intelligence security and Voice banking go hand in hand, VBaaS provides an easy way to use the banking services with your own voice. Transferring money to a friend, listing all transactions in a day and various other advanced services all automated by your voice with absolute no compromise in security.

Transcribe your Voice

Language is no more a barrier to communicate with diverse set of people. Using VBaaS, your real-time voice can be transcribed and translated into 100+ languages with greater efficiency. Always fond your mother tongue ? VBaaS is enabled with advanced techniques with Natural Language Processing powered with AI, helps you speak your own language to anyone conveying your thoughts exactly. Happy talking !!!